Not My Revolution If…The Stories of Angie O


Dear Friends, we need art now more than ever. Artworks are”real answers to the puzzle externally posed to them” as Adorno wrote. And what a puzzle! And what better form than theater? Ritualistic life-acting. Experiments for potential revolutions. It is on the stage that I got the tools to participate in Occupy Wall Street with my full spirit, having collaborated with Berlin-based andcompany&Co (Alexander Karschniasascha sulimmaLittle Red) since 2005). This new piece is an echo of 2011 merged with Brecht’s Joanna of the Stockyards. I designed the stage as a huge class pyramid, and the coin masks from Zuccotti park will be onstage! Andcos are building it into something magical. If you are in Berlin, please don’t miss it.

My Letter to Berlin that was distributed at the Premier

Not my revolution, if…: The Stories of Angie O. tells the stories of a professional activist, who gets involved wherever people come together in loose correlations. She pitches her tent at borders, airports, on public green spaces or in front of banks.

I have worked off and on with the Berlin based Andcompany&Co. on political concepts for theater since 2005. They taught me about how to project the voice which came in handy on the streets in 2011. I have designed the stage for this new and timely piece as well as sharing my experiences to develop the concept.

Not my revolution, if…: Die Geschichten der Angie O.
Von und mit: Noah Fischer, Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Krisjan Schellingerhout, Claudia Splitt, Sascha Sulimma, Vincent van der Valk&Co. / Text: Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord&Co. / Musik: Sascha Sulimma&Co. Bühne: Noah Fischer&Co. Licht: Reiner Casper