A Gift for Queen Mother on Mother’s Day



“Queen Mother of Reality” is a monumental sculpture sited at Socrates Sculpture Park— a symbol meant to protect all mothers from eviction.  It’s based on Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely- present community Mayor of Harlem and UN Goodwill Ambassador to Africa and currently fighting eviction from her own home. After the work was installed at Performa and then Socrates Sculpture Park, we felt that an intervention was needed to re-politicize and re-activate the massive sculture. We created two gifts: a necklage and a throne which were both “given to the sculpture” in a public ceremony.

The reclining sculpture, was envisioned by Pawel Althamer and his team of Polish artists working with NYC artists Noah Fischer and Jim Costanzo (Aaron Burr Society) in November 2013.  The background: we met Pawel at the 7th Berlin Biennial. Queen Mother had previously collaborated on Occupy Museums actions, and I brought her into the project as muse.

The team who created the sculpture also includes Roman Stańczak, Rafal Zwirek, and and the artist’s sons Bruno Althamer and Szymon Althamer, Brian Fernandes-Halloran, Jacob Cohen, as well as members of the community. When it came to Socrates, it was rendered even more beautiful and safe for the pubic by Lars Fisk and others.