Joint Partnership



We are a joint venture of New York based artists: the Aaron Burr Society and Noah Fischer& Co.  As chance would have it (though one person’s chance is another’s karma) this joint venture initially formed in 2008: the year of change, when then-candidate Barak Obama inspired legions of volunteers to canvas for change; a concept which seemed vanguard at the time. The pair thus drove to Milford, PA: a perfectly divided American small town where they stood on the street corner yelling and waving signs at strangers.  On this occasion, Fischer was given an uncle Sam outfit which he was not allowed to keep. History rolled on, Obama was elected under economic crisis conditions and proceeded to pick distinguished men to put the economy back on track; men who had first-hand knowledge of the dirty affairs of Wall Street, largely having caused them in the first place. The years passed; 2008, 2009, then 2010 and finally 2011, and from economic stagnation sprang the aforementioned joint venture:  a business whose sole mission is to trade on the absurdity of Market Finance: both ceremonial and playful.