Lecture Performance: Occu-Pie (Chemnitz, Germany)



September 17, 2011, a talking coin circulated through the New York streets of Occupy Wall Street blending outrage and humor to proclaim broken trust in capitalism. In the utopian urban camp, the talking coin met an activist from the 1970’s known for throwing pies in the face of the powerful. Noah Fischer, the talking coin of 2011, speculates on methods beyond the violence of pies for confronting dystopia head on.

After the lecture performance, we will connect live with activists from Maidan, Gezi and Algiers via video chat to remeasure utopian spaces between hope, energy and frustration.

The event takes place in English. A whisper translation is provided.

A cooperation within the program new undiscovered narrative and the Chemnitz Open Space of the Chemnitz Art Collections.