Mercy Machine Video



A video forJascha Hoffman’s album The Afterneath. Each song on the album is inspired by an obituary.


The Mercy Machine (Jack Kevorkian, 1928-2011)

When the light dims and your sight dims and you’re ready to go. Anasthesia and the seizures. O my doctor am I ready to go? Can you find me, in your filing? Would you wheel me to the mercy machine? In the open, in the summer, in the back of a van. At a campground in his hometown, Dr. Death hit again. Tell the family, tell the family, she was ready to go. Tell the brothers and the others…  Get the doctor to a doctor, give the doctor some room. Now he’s lying, almost dying, let some light in the room. Would you wheel me to the mercy machine? No we can’t sir. That’s the answer.