MoMA Radio: Composting Differences: Glass Bead



Within today’s “crisis of education”, driven by privatization, many artists, curators and art institutions attempt to reinvent the relations between art and research outside of the academic world, and to experiment, often in a collaborative manner, alternative models of knowledge production and exchange. Composing Differences brings together artists, curators, researchers and others from Europe and the United States, who are establishing new platforms to experiment with art and knowledge production, which defend the circulation of knowledge and the immaterial value of art as a tool of social change. A program conceived in collaboration with Glass Bead (Fabien Giraud, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Ida Soulard, Inigo Wilkins), PAF, Council (Grégory Castera, Sandra Terdjman) and Open School East (Jonathan Hoskins, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Lisa Skuret). With the participation of Nova Benway, Noah Chasin, Annie Dorsen, Guillaume Fayard, Tristan Garcia, Institute for Wishful Thinking, Jeffrey Mansfield, Guerino Mazzola, Reza Negarestani, Occupy Museums, Sarah Resnick, Carson Salter, Noé Soulier and W.A.G.E.

Composing Differences was conceived in collaboration with Glass Bead(Fabien Giraud, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Ida Soulard, Inigo Wilkins), PAF, Council (Grégory Castera, Sandra Terdjman) and Open School East (Jonathan Hoskins, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Lisa Skuret). Glass Bead Radio Workshops take place at MoMA AV Recording Studio and include guest speakers: philosopher Reza Negarestani, musicologist and mathematician Guerino Mazzola, Occupy Museums (Tal Beery, Noah Fischer), W.A.G.E (Park McArthur, Lise Soskolne), Institute for Wishful Thinking (Maureen Connor, Andrea DeFelice) and Council (Sandra Terdjman, Grégory Castéra). The interviews will be broadcast on Sunday April 27, 2014.