New York 2044 (issue #1)



New York 2044 is a speculative social sculpture in the form of an online and print newspaper conceived of by the artist, writer, and organizer Noah Fischer. Commissioned by More Art, Fischer’s research-based artwork will take the form of a newspaper that proposes the city we want to inhabit in 2044, and how to get there.

Interactive newspaper from the future here.

List of Graphic stories here.

Issues report on how the gap between rich and poor is radically narrowing, green housing is plentiful and affordable, and life is healthier and more equitable in New York City, 20 years in the future, without avoiding the familiar challenges and paradoxes. Each headline is shaped by interviews with someone deeply committed to that particular aspect of city life in the present, and a snippet of their personal journey is told in graphic novel format by clicking their author picture on the article. Three playful, aspirational, retro-futuristic, visually stunning printed and online issues will be produced over 2024, joining in concert with More Art’s other public programs, events, and projects for the year.

Issue 1 focuses on housing (a.k.a. “The Rent Is Too Damn Affordable!”), issue #2 will focus on immigration (“Welcoming All to the City of the World”) and issue 3 will focus on Health and Labor (“Years Added to New Yorker’s Lives!”).

New York 2044 begins as a series of speculative interviews. Folks from organizations working on these issues, as well as others with diverse and interesting perspectives, are invited to step outside of their day-to-day, and dream up future scenarios. Illustrations bring these visions to life, making them accessible, joyful, and personal. Over the run of the project, issues of the newspaper will be distributed to New Yorkers in public spaces at public events.

New York 2044

And example below of an interviewee’s story (Jenny Dubnau).