Obieg: Summary of 2013


Summary of 2013

(translated from the Polish)

In response to the request of the editors of “Circulation” send a subjective summary of the past year. Usually on such occasions I read in summary, they do not like to do that, do not see themselves in that role, or do not feel. I first instinct too, so I reacted. But then it started to follow me around, until I realized that such a summary of yourself to me useful to recapitulate the conclusions from my own experiences. Since I lack clear criteria, but I wanted to avoid ranking.Finally, I decided to evaluate in this way only three categories of events the most interesting, the most embarrassing and most inspiring public institutions. Other indications I created alphabetically or chronologically. Most of them tried to somehow better define or justify. I realize that, as a critic put only the first steps, I did not recognize yet all institutions, artists and events, so my list is not exhaustive. However, it is an honest opinion of this matter, which over the years he had learned.Time will tell, of course, where I was wrong, and where I am right. I’m curious.

Winter Holiday Camp at Ujazdowski Castle – an unprecedented experiment studying the mechanisms of power in the field of cultural institutions and seeking ways of democratic transformation. Initially admitted to the CCA, then torpedoed by the management, then – under pressure from the media and the environment – re-adopted (in part). The project was attended by artists and art-activists of the Polish, Germany, USA and Hungary, among others, Pawel Althamer, Noah Fischer and Arthur Zmijewski. Formulated their demands radical egalitarian in the management of cultural institutions derive from the experience of the international Occupy movement and represent an interesting model of society (not?) Distant future.