Revolutionary Timing



Revolutionary Timing is a performance by andcompany&Co., based on an improvisation at the first &Co.LAB in Amsterdam in May 2005 and performed in the lighting- and sculpture-setting of New York based artist Noah Fischer in the ground floor of the AT&T building in Manhattan in March 2006. The initial idea was to re-appropriate the revolutionary cutting technique of the filmmaker Sergej Eisenstein for the stage by the live-use of light and sound. The performers sit in a half circle between dummies and lamps with a light-bulb behind their head which enables them to switch themselves on and off individually. There are no theater-spotlights illuminating the stage from above, no use of playback-music from CD, but the light is controlled on stage as arrangement of lamps and light-projections created by Noah Fischer, while sound and music is performed live by Sascha Sulimma. Even the text is generated on the spot, based on a fragmentary structure created by Alexander Karschnia and Nicola Nord. Revolutionary Timing is an energetic performance between action and discourse. Here time becomes space: reflections on failed revolutions or the anticipation of the beginnings of one. This performance exists in the narrow gap between a pop-song and the philosophical discourse.