Summer of Change: Distribution of Washington Quarters



George Washington, father of the nation, marched onto Wall Street at high noon on August 25th, 2011 to distribute the coins that bear his visage, and to dialog with the Common Man; a soldier in his revolutionary army.  This man, dressed in rags, relates how he was fleeced by Wall Street Investors who cashed in on war bonds.  Standing on the plaza with the people, the Common Man yells for economic fairness.  The father of the nation responds: Every American by their bootstraps pull/ Along this lively meritocracy/ What you ask for/ Is too much democracy!

High Noon on Thursday, the Father of our Nation shall dialog with the Common Man on the Federal Hall Steps of Wall Street. They will then distribute 400 US Quarter-Dollars to the Commonwealth for the latest numismatic offering of the Summer of Change. This is a joint venture of Noah Fischer and the Aaron Burr Society.

Please consider donating to this cause on Kickstarter. We guarantee that every penny you give will find its way to Wall Street! (You also have a chance to get your money back at the performance, but you must compete for it!