The Art Party: An Election Speculation



The Art Party: A Sci-Fi Story (Part 1)

The Whitney had five separate doorways leading to separate experiences according to credit levels. As a leading collector, gallerist, and chair of the board, Agnesia entered through the founder’s gate. She took a deep breath, raised her resistance fist aloft, and was met by a glittering of image-flashes from inside…

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The Art Party: A Sci-Fi Story (Part 2: Election Day 2032)

The candidate was among the bright stars of a movement known as Verified History Painting. Each brushstroke was determined by algorithms from the artist’s genetic data and supplemented by AI-enhanced forensic cultural analysis…

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The Art Party: A Sci-Fi Story (Part 3: Election Victory)

During five months of constant meetings in the basement of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the coalition had been hashing out plans to occupy the Whitney Museum on the eve of the 2032 election. The ragtag group consisted of art workers, prison reformers, and debt strikers, brought together out of desperation in the face of staggeringly powerful opponents.

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