Pugilism and Performance Art for Change


The pitch: Some artists believe in second chances. Some believe in change — the kind that comes in the form of nickels and quarters. Noah Fischer andJim Costanzo are two performance artists bringing change to Wall Street, one coin at a time.

Summer of Change” is a series of street performances Fischer and Costanzo created as a critique of America’s devotion to the Almighty Dollar. Each performance culminates in the distribution of $100 in different denominations to onlookers.

On June 21, the summer solstice, the pair offered up greenbacks and liberty dollars. For the final performance, on Sept. 22, the fall equinox, they will distribute 10,000 Lincoln pennies.

“When you dump money on the street, people tend to have  a ferocious and energetic reaction,” said Fischer, describing those who collect the money following a “Summer of Change” performance.