What’s Next? Kunst nach der Krise



An interview about Occupy Museums published in
What’s Next? edited by Johannes M. Hedinger + Torsten Meyer
Presented in Zurich Dec 2, 2013


“What’s next ? Art after the crisis “is a reader, and the 177 essays and interviews , as well as over 150 theses , manifestos

Quotes from a total of 304 authors gathered about the possible neighbor in art. Discussed are the

changes in the conditions of production, distribution and reception of art today in a global context , the

latest development of the ” art operating system ” , the paradigm shift is imminent and possible future

Models of art , their plants and their placement in a ” next society” ( Baecker ) .

The book has its origin in the same two conferences and lectures at the University of Cologne

( Department of Art & Art Theory ) and the Zurich University of the Arts ( Department of Cultural Analysis

Mediation ) . The questions and debates launched there were resumed and a further , even more global

Viewing angle enhanced . The reader is used both for future courses , but also appeals to a wide ,

transdiziplinäres audience of art and cultural studies, art and design practice , Communications and New

Media , sociology , pedagogy and philosophy . In a book belonging to the website ( http://whatsnextart.net )

are additional materials ( images, video, audio) available , which are directly controlled by means of QR Code in the Book.