• 2016

    Bank of No: Event Program: February 1, 2016 7:30 PM, at Leventis Gallery: Lecture and discussion about new artistic practices related to politics and activism from the streets to art galleries. 10:00 PM, at Point Centre for Contemporary Art Dance Party …

  • 2011

    “The ability to construct symbolic objects attains its greatest triumph in money.  For money represents abstraction at its purest form; it makes comprehensible the most abstract concept …thus money is the adequate expression of the relationship of man to the world which can only be grasped in single and concrete instances yet only really conceived when the singular becomes the embodiment of living mental process which interweaves all singularities and in this fashion creates reality.” -Georg Simmel,  The Philosophy of Money

  • 2008

    Pop Ark is in search of a stimulating approach to life after global warming. What is happiness when drowned polar bears are washed ashore because they could not find a piece of ice to save them? And when you can no longer trust the sun?